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The familiar sound of “I’m bored!” is bound to kick in at some point over the summer holidays…

Are you dreading your kids asking to play video games, watch TV, or sit at the computer all day long?

Well we have an answer to this dilemma – our Summer Boredom Project.

These free worksheets for kids offer some great opportunities to practice key skills and have some fun at the same time. So why not try our growing collection of printable worksheets to keep your kids busy during the summer holidays!

…more printables being added throughout July and August.

FREE Printables for Kids

#01 – 25 Cartoon Colouring Sheets for Kids – The pack contains 25 individual colouring sheets. Each sheet has two of the same cartoon character placed on it. One coloured and the other is a black and white outline. Encourage your child/children to colour in the black and white cartoon using the same colours as the coloured cartoon character. Click here for more details…

cartoon colouring pages

#02 – 45 Farm Themed Printables for Kids – The pack contains 45 individual colouring sheets. Encourage your kids to colour in the black and white cartoons using nothing but their imagination and some crayons. Click here for more details…

Down on the Farm

#03 – The Lady Bird Counting Game for Young Kids This simple printable game is designed to help your child with numbers up to 12 and with simple addition – all whilst having some fun.. Click here for more details…

Lady Bird Counting Game

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