Printer ink can be expensive, however there are ways in which you can reduce the cost of your printing…

here in this article I list a few tips for saving money!

Print in Draft Mode

If quality isn’t important in what you’re printing, then consider changing your printer settings to save ink by selecting the lower quality “draft mode”.

Print in Black and White and Not Colour

Does your document really needed to be printed out with those colour images and text. If not select black and white instead from your printer settings. Black ink costs less in most cases when compared to colour.

Change Your Font

Using a different font can make a difference to how much ink is used to print a document. For instance when printing out a letter, Times New Roman 12 pt uses less ink than Tahoma 12pt or even Verdana 12pt

Buy Online

Instead of using your local electrical superstore or supermarket, shop online to get a better deal and you can usualy get free shipping too. Why not checkout our prices today?

Buy Quality Compatible Ink Cartridges

Whether you are looking for toner cartridges or inkjet cartridges, consider buying quality compatible cartridges. Compatible cartridges can be considerably cheaper to purchase and companies like Jettec claim to offer just as many pages as an original cartridge from the printers manufacturer.

Checkout our supply of Jettec Inkjet cartridges today.

Beware Low Cartridge Warnings

Some printers will warn you that they are running low in ink and it is time to change the cartridge. Keep using the cartridge until it tells you that it is empty.

Tip: In the case of laser toners, if your pages start to look faded towards the end of your toners life – take the cartridge out and shake the cartridge several times and place back in the laser printer. This should have shaken up any settled toner and give your remain pages a better quality print.

Think Before You Print

Instead of just hitting the print button, look at what you are about to print and question if you do indeed need all those pages printed out?

This is especially true when it comes to printing out pages from websites. use the print preview facility in your browser and only print that page you actually need to.

Use The Correct Printer!

If you are going to be doing any volume of printing, think about the printer you are using. For instance if you require regular moderate printing in black only, consider using a mono laser printer as this may prove more cost effective. (A budget laser printer will cost less than £100 and a compatible laser toner will be cheaper to purchase than an original toner and print just as many pages.)

If you work in a small office and require lots of colour printing but need it quickly, you may want to look at the new range of HP Officejet Pro X series of inkjet printers. These are faster than many colour laser printers on the market and just as cheap to run.

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