The new series of Doctor Who has unsurprisingly split opinion with its latest regeneration but, whether you’re an instant Capaldi fan getting ready to cower behind your sofas once again next week or even if Deep Breath left you reminiscing about Doctors past instead, it’s clear that the further adventures of the time travelling adventurer will continue to be one of the most talked about series on our small screens this autumn.  And, of course, there are plenty of free printables available on the internet to accompany your Saturday night viewing…


CybermanMaskIn November 2013, the Ink Factory marketing team thought it would be far more interesting to put a Cybermen Day spin on Cyber Monday’s usual online offers and came up with this villainous mask for its staff to wear whilst packing up all your orders.  Making it appropriately easy to replicate by providing blog readers a free to print download meant that fellow Whovians could also don the dehumanising robotic face and scare their colleagues.  Just click here to get your copy – remember to press print and not delete!

DWParty CirclesIs your weekend must watch one to share with friends and family?  Then why not turn your Saturday nights into party nights?  Three Little Monkeys Studio offered lots of Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Party Ideas on its blog in honour of the milestone celebrations last year and included some freebie printable party circles.  Being Geek Chic suggests that “tea parties are no longer just for 6 year old girls in tutus and baby showers anymore” and points out that a Doctor Who Tea Party is a perfect theme for a weekend gathering, supplying printable table tents and napkin rings to help you decorate your table appropriately.

DoctorWhoStencilsChocolate & Cream Cake’s Mandy designed some Doctor Who stencils including a Dalek, Weeping Angel and Sonic Screwdriver that could be used for a variety of projects.  And, if fancy dress is an absolute essential at any soiree you host, than head over to Natalie’s Doodlecraft blog where you’ll find not just one, TARDISDamasknot just two, but 73 Doctor Who Crafts!!! including a party planner with instructions on how to mke your own cute little edible Adipose Babies and themed clothing alteration how-tos as well as printable bow ties and 3D glasses and some rather gorgeous TARDIS Damask printables.

But is simply watching the TARDIS flying through time and space on our televisions really enough?  Surely we all turn our heads to the sky once in a while hoping to see a little blue box spiralling out of control towards our back garden ready to accept a new companion or dream of stumbling across an interdimensional machine of our very own?  Well, thanks to various artists taking their inspiration from the iconic police box, you can at least make one to sit on your shelf to look up to if it’s too dark outside to search the sky.

printabletardispartyfavorboxA Typical English Home combines both party thoughts with the desire to own your own larger on the inside mobile home through its Doctor Who Printable TARDIS and Editable Party Favour that she made for her nine year old son’s birthday guests to take home with them.  BBC’s Doctor Who TV offers you a turn at landing the TARDIS by providing a template to print, cut out and fold together

Tardisbefore challenging you to take pictures of it in the best locations you can find.  Posted in connection with Doctor Who: The World Tour that took place earlier in August, you can find out where other fans of the show chose to photograph their creations by looking up #DWWorldTour on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram.

DWCubecraftOver on CyberDrone, Chris offers cubecraft templates for several different versions of the TARDIS, including a “colour your own”, and even includes primtables for the interior walls.  No TARDIS is really complete without a Doctor and Chris has supplied cubecraft templates for all the Doctors to date, including the “War” Doctor and, of course, they’ll need their Sonic Screwdrivers with them too and Chris has those covered as well.  Looking to make 3D versions of K-9 and Cassandra?  Then scroll down Huxter’s Doctor Who Fun Stuff page and find the printables and instructions there.

We don’t often have a Printables blog post without the mention of colouring pages and this one’s no exception with the BBC’s own website kindly providing young fans plenty of posters and artwork to print off and colour in.

Do you like to plan ahead precisely because you don’t have your own time machine to pop into when you realise you’re not ready for the festive time of year?  Well pop back over to see Natalie at Doodlecraft instead then who has six Doctor Who Inspired Christmas Card Freebies! to “Dalek your friends halls” with wishing them “Happy Who-lidays”.  If it’sDWSnowflake

decorations for your own halls you’re after then Chrystal’s Creative blog post My (Top 10) Favorite Geeky Snowflake Templates links to Oodly Crafting’s rather impressive range of Whoflakes.

DoctorWhoValentinesReally impress the future you by getting your Valentine’s card printed and ready for February too via children’s author Heidi Schulz’s blog post Doctor Who Free Printable Valentines – Who do you find “Dalektable”?

And, if all those ideas don’t keep you busy in between Saturday’s first showing and Sunday, Thursday and Friday’s repeats or when you’re clicking the red button to find screenings of Doctor Who Extra, then you’ll be relieved to know we’re not the only ones who’ve compiled Doctor Who printables round-ups.  Check out Halloween Kitchen Witch’s Printable Doctor Who post which includes TardisFerrismasks, stationery, Easter egg decorations, paper dolls and a rather fabulous TARDIS ferris wheel.  And SKGaleana, at Free Doctor Who Printables, includes links to a River Song Book Cover, Dalek crossword, Doctor Who alphabet and Doctor Who inspired maths pack.

Do you love finding printables on the internet?  Do you have particular favourites?  Or have you featured some on your own blog?  Email with your links and we may be able to feature them in a future post.


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