Daylight saving time is the biannual event when we put our clocks one hour back or one hour forward.  It’s back one hour this weekend – Sunday, October 26th, at 2am marking the end of British Summer Time.  You’re bound to get asked questions about the change from your children, so why not use the opportunity to talk about time in general and there’s plenty of printables available to assist…

IMG_1977.JPGOffering thousands of free lesson ideas and activity resources, Teaching Ideas includes blank clock faces in its maths paper bank section alongside squared and graph paper, multiplication/number squares and pie charts.  The six time options includes clocks with Roman numerals.

MinieCoClockAlso available in a couple of different versions is Kate from Minieco’s Tell the time clock free printable.  “There’s a green and blue one (to help understand ‘minutes-past’ and ‘minutes-to’). There is also a standard clock (one in rainbow and one in black and red).”

TimeSupermomAimée from Paging Supermom has shared a What Time Is It Primtable Worksheet on the blog she co-writes with Bettijo that recognises “every mom has her Supermom Moments — those little successes that make you feel absolutely super”.

TimeHappyBlessedHappy & Blessed Home’s Monica explains the concept of circle time that she was about to introduce to her three-year-old in the post Tell Time Preschool Learning – “a time set aside each morning to introduce a preschooler(s) to what is on the agenda for the day” – and one of the first things she wanted to help her eldest to understand was how to tell the time.  She not only created her own clock charts but include them in her post for us to download as pdf files too.  “There are blank templates, you can laminate these sheets and use a vis-a-vis marker to write and wipe off the clock hands or you can print multiple copies and let your little one draw clock hands of their own.  The possibilities are endless.”

ClocksBattleshipMr Nussbaum, a Virginia public school teacher, features Telling Time Worksheets as part of the more than 3,500 pages of content on his website.  They include telling time to the hour, half-hour, quarter-hour, five-minute intervals, elapsed time and a game of clocks battleship.

ClockNumbersMrs Lemons made some numbers to go around her clock at school and share her funky design in the post Getting Crafty on her blog Step Into Second Grade.  The post also includes her clipboard bucket and hall pass sign projects.

MrPrintablesWhatTime“A paper clock with moving hands you can turn is a classic” says Mr Printables in his What Time Is It? File Folder Game post – he’s also “added a digital clock and a note pad for telling time in numbers and words as well, so children can try and learn all the different ways of reading and telling the time. A series of questions that relates to their life, asking certain times of daily routines or the time for a special event will help personalize the activity for them.”

CogsworthBut, if you have a Disney’s Beauty and the Beast fan in your house, then Printables 4 Kids Telling Time with Cogsworth is probably where you’ll want to click for your clock with moveable hands template.

Don’t forget to turn back the hands of your real clocks as well as your paper ones though!

Do you love finding printables on the internet?  Do you have particular favourites?  Or have you featured some on your own blog?  Email with your links and we may be able to feature them in a future post.



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