NNBWlogoNational Nest Box Week is taking place from February 14th to 21st and the British Trust for Ornithology is asking you to put up a nest box in your local area to help increase the number of suitable nesting spaces for birds.

StarlingIf you’re a fan of our feathered friends then the BTO website has plenty of information sheets about different species to download and print out along with instructions for how to build a nest box.

But, unsurprisingly, their colourful plumage, flying abilities and melodic communication means that birds are a source of interest and inspiration around the internet.

BasicallyBoxes“Gardens are a most important habitat. The total area of all gardens in Britain exceeds that of all nature reserves, and as modern lifestyles destroy trees, hedges and old buildings, natural nesting sites are in decline,” states the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. “So nestboxes placed in gardens can make a real difference to the success or failure of a breeding species in a given area, especially when accompanied by the regular supply of suitable food and water.” And it hosts a Basically Boxes printable with box building instructions because “There’s no hole like home…”

nestboxThe RSPB is not to be left out either with it’s own Make a nestbox worksheet designed for its young supporters.  And so has Wildlife Watch which also hosts activity sheets on Make a Christmas wreath for the birds, Make your own winter bird bath, Make your own garden bird hide, How to help birds avoid windows and Make your own bird food and feeder.

cutecakebirdhouseOnce you’ve put up your box outside to accommodate your garden’s residents you might also want to continue the celebration of the mini homes inside your own.  Virginie of That Cute Little Cake has “a real thing for bird houses”.  She finds “them beautiful and delicate.  And they are so versatile, you can use them with many different themes.”  And on her blog she shares a project for (Easter) Paper Bird Houses or adorable mini-eggs Boxes! which you can use decoratively or as a gift box.

BirdDayWould you like to send a “bird day” card along with that gift?  Then head over to Papercrafts & Scrapbooking to print out Kim Kesti’s template design.


And, if you also like to see your birds flying free, then why not download and print out Crayola’s Bird Mobile and have your young twitchers be inspired by their garden visitors while colouring it in before hanging them up to let them fly around your home.

Do you love finding printables on the internet?  Do you have particular favourites?  Or have you featured some on your own blog?  Email karen.malpass@inkfactory.com with your links and we may be able to feature them in a future post.

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