SFSThe Society for Storytelling is celebrating its 15th annual National Storytelling Week from Saturday, January 31st to Saturday, February 7th.  Aiming to promote the oral tradition of storytelling, “the very first way of communicating life experiences and the creative imagination”, events will be taking place in a variety of venues where “the web of stories will be spin with sufficient magic between the breath of the teller and the ear of the listener”.  See if there are any events taking place in your area here or why not come up with your own folk tales, fairy lore, stories of phantoms, dragons, serpents and storms at sea to share with your family at home?  If you need a little inspiration to kick start your imaginations then print out some of these resources…

SFS2Downloads available from the Society of Storytelling’s own website include Family Storytelling, Education Booklist and A Beginners Guide to Telling Stories.

KiwiCrateKiwi Crate also asks if you’re “Looking for a fun way to fuel your kids’ creativity and communication skills?” offering 30 story starters to download and print that “will stretch their imaginations and help them spin yarns worth weaving!” It’s Printable Story Cards include a tool kit, sword, superhero, map, fish, balloon, flowers, robot, newspaper, garden and more.

comixAmong its “more than 350 free printables by category” Make Beliefs Comix comic strip website includes storytelling, writing and writing prompts downloads to help fuel imaginations with questions such as what would the little voice inside you say if it became bigger?, if you reinvented your life how would you picture your past? and imagine what a wise person would say to you if they told you the secret to a happy life.

StoryStarters“Sometimes, a simple story prompt is all you need to inspire hours of creative, imaginative play with your child,” writes Melissa and Doug and they provide a Story Starters printable to help you get going.

Hope they all have happy endings!

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