It sits in the corner of your desk faithfully supplying you with reports, letters and accounts but your printer has so much more potential than just black and white forms.

Today Ink Factory is launching Printables to help you put some colour back into your printer’s life.

The fun range of illustrations, signs, craft projects and games also has plenty of practical applications.

Parents can find reward charts, colouring pages, certificates and stickers, crafters can download scrapbook papers and Christmas card and decoration templates and avid Sudoku players will have a large selection of grids to choose from.


Example of a Kids Reward Chart Created by

And, if you’re printing at work and your boss isn’t as creative as ours, you can always quickly click on the links for office signs, vouchers, menus and customer information and make sure your workplace is looking as smart as it can be.

Once you’ve made your printer happy by releasing its creative side, why not let it help you make your friends and family happy in return by discovering our new range of Print Your Own gifts?  Designed to help you share your photos in a truly social setting not just a virtual one, we have worked with a few carefully selected British manufacturers to create an exclusive range of photo products which allow you to do-it-yourself as you can complete them by simply printing out a photograph at home (you might need to cut your photograph down to size, but it’s all easy).

If our Printables and PYO ranges have captured your imagination then don’t forget to stock up on ink to make sure you don’t run out – click here to see what we stock.

We’d love to know what you think – tell us how you use any of the templates provided or let us know if you think we’re missing anything that would be really useful to you.

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