Vampires have long reigned as the kings of the supernatural world with werewolves and zombies making valiant attempts to steal the crown in recent popular TV shows and films but, with 80s film classic Ghostbusters celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year with a re-release in the cinemas and a new take on the Manhattan spectre-fighters’ story planned to grace the big screen in the future, perhaps it’s the time of these translucent apparitions to take centre stage.  Here’s a few different ways to make them the centre of your Halloween celebrations this week…

GhostsKeepCalmRockinJill from Rockin Boys “vividly” remembers watching Ghostbusters as a child – “The slime, the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man, the ghosts… it was awesome” – and, ahead of sharing her movie memories with her boys, she created a Halloween printable to “add a touch of Ghostbusters fun to your home”.  (And Star Wars fans can find an alternative on one of her other blogs too: Popsicle – May the Force boo! with you).

IMG_2086.JPGClick further back on the Popsicle blog to find a post on The Chocolate Chip Ghost Story and its accompanying Halloween printable.  Jill so remembered how much she loved her mother telling her the “story about little ghosts who ate things they shouldn’t” that she started telling it to her kids when her oldest was just a baby.  Download her printable ghosts and “you can glue them to popsicle sticks or just use them as a flannel board story.  The best thing about this story, is that it teaches obedience.  You can also have fun by eating chocolate chip ice cream afterwards.”

GhostCubecraftFor more printable toys click on CyberDrone Chris’s Ghostbusters Custom Cubeecraft Templates.  His two pages of cut out templates include a ghost trap, their headquarters, characters Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, two versions of Slimer and Mr Stay Puft.

ghostboxesIf you’re expecting lots of trick or treaters at your door on Friday evening then why not add a spectral twist to the sweet treats you’ll be handing out to those children whose parents have chosen to deface their bed sheets for their kids’ costumes this year?

Mr Printables Geometric Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats project shows you how to make DIY wax papers as well as including the template for his little hungry ghosts.  “After taking out your treats, your friendly ghosts can stand up. You can decorate your Halloween table with them or have them as your desk pals… You can also attach the empty ones to the end of torches, maybe place on a long stick taped to the torch. Carry them around at night instead of a plain torch – they will look super spooky.”

GhostPillowBoxAn orange little ghosties pillow box: free printable is available from Australian Cate Holst on Go Make Me along with six how-to steps to help you form them – they might also help you portion out your sweet stash so a few bags will go a little further but still be cause for an extra smile from the recipient.

GhostMiniecoKate from Minieco takes a milk carton shape as inspiration for her ghost boxes which should have room for plenty of Halloween goodies inside them.  “There are seven simple designs in all (including a few pac-man inspired ones) so you can print out your favourite one/s” and she also includes a sheet of spooky jokes to print out and add to your boxes alongside the sweets.

IMG_2037.JPGFor even more “ghost giggles” head to Crafting Chicks where Jamie provides a Halloween version of their “Lunchbox Laughs”. Where did the baby ghost sit?  In the “boo”ster seat!  What is a ghost’s favourite pie?  “Boo”berry Pie!

GhostMasksDon’t want to give all your ghost printables away?  Save a few clicks for Mixed Up Monster Club’s Disney’s Haunted Mansion Printables Crafts.  Construct your own hitchhiking ghosts as decorations, print out some bookmarks to keep your place in your book of fireside haunted house tales or print out some masks for your own little monsters to go trick or treating in.

Searching for more Halloween printables?  Have you seen our Are you hosting a monster mash? and Looking for a spooky disguise this Halloween? posts?

Do you love finding printables on the internet? Do you have particular favourites? Or have you featured some on your own blog? Email with your links and we may be able to feature them in a future post.

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