HedgehogPoster2015’s Hedgehog Awareness Week (May 3-9), organised by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, is focused on gardeners and what they can do to help the hedgehog.

The Society’s website includes a downloadable poster to help raise awareness of the promotional week and its fundraising details.  It also hosts lots of leaflets detailing basic facts, information on first aid, hedgehog homes, how to create a wildlife garden and more as well as more posters to help introduce more conservationists to issues surrounding hedgehog preservation.

HedgehogColourPlus its kids section includes a letter from Spike and colouring in and drawing activities.

And, if your little hoglets are entranced by the prickly creatures, there are a lot more hedgehog downloads available elsewhere too.

hedgehogsHSSThe Woodland Trust’s Nature Detectives includes it on ID sheets, games and crafts, The Wildlife Trusts’ Wildlife Watch suggests a Hungry Hedgehogs game and provides the instructions in a downloadable format and the Homeschool Share download featuring the spiny ones includes a book list, facts, new words and lap book resources.

HedgehogHomeIf you want to build your own hedgehog home for “your very own Mrs Tiggywinkle to settle in” later in the year then head to Tesco’s Kids’ Safari Club and gather together a plastic box, leaves, straw or newspaper and scissors or a saw.

HedgeLCLLearn Create Love’s Kimberly shares the template her daughter Lorelai used to cut out and paint at Printable Craft: Hedgehog and another template of the animal’s body is available from Krokotak where its craft involves using leaves as spines.

HedgeMLPIf you have a scrapbooker in your house then they may want to head to Mein Lila Park’s “an angel blog full of free printables”.  Sandra’s forest themed digital paper pattern includes mushrooms, hedgehogs, snails and leaves and she also hosts accompanying embellishments or, if you want a paper design with hedgehogs on their own, click here.

TheCottageMarketHYou could use the papers as wrapping paper too and download a hedgehog tag to accompany it from The Cottage Market’s The Fall Woodland Tag Collection.


Need a gift bag rather than wrapping paper?  Print out this hedgehog in the party mood from Party Delights ready to stick on a blank bag.

Do you love finding printables on the internet?  Do you have particular favourites?  Or have you featured some on your own blog?  Email karen.malpass@inkfactory.com with your links and we may be able to feature them in a future post.

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