Pear-shaped [pair-sheypt]
1. having the shape of a pear; tapering near the top and bulging toward the base or the bottom
2. not gone to plan, gone wrong, deteriorated, failed
3.  the shape of New Year’s Resolutions on January 2nd

We’re constantly advised to take small steps towards our goals in order to succeed but come January1st we’re always full of grand plans for the year ahead that inevitably never get to see what the picture is on the second page of our calendars.

With Ink Factory’s pear-shaped planners, more realistic forward thinkers can break down their goals into bite-sized chunks while still remaining pragmatic about the probable outcome.


Grand schemers can simply print off the New Year’s Resolutions pear-shaped planner but, if you’re ambitious enough to make plans more regularly then our weekly pear-shaped planners are also free to download.

You’re far more likely to forgive your failures if you wrote them down with a wry smile on your face to begin with – but you’re far more likely to achieve anything if you’ve set yourself the target in the first place.

And, of course, if it really does all go pear-shaped off the page as well as on, everyone can simply print another one out and try again!

Ink Factory really hopes that all your years ahead will actually turn out to be just peachy so happy 2014 to everyone!

We’d love you to share your resolutions with us on the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook and you can find more inspiration for what to plan on our Pinterest page.  As we head into our 15th year of trading, our 2014 resolution is to have more fun – so make sure you hold us to it!

(Looking to plan your whole year ahead in one go?  Download our free yearly calendars here).


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