BSW2014Ink Factory HQ is based in the city of Lincoln, a cathedral city and the county town of Lincolnshire – a county where the best of all the types of sausage comes from – so you couldn’t expect us to ignore British Sausage Week 2014 (November 3rd-9th), could you?  Last month the Castle and Castle Square played host to our 12th Lincolnshire Sausage Festival which places our county’s distinctive pork sausage at the heart of its celebrations but, of course, there are other sausages available as well as many banger-related printables to help whet your appetite…

IMG_2125-1.PNGLove Pork hosts the British Sausage Week website pages.  Telling us that “According to the latest figures, nearly 6 million Brits tuck into a juicy pork sausage every day. Pork sausages are incredibly versatile too, with a myriad of flavours and regional variations – from exotic chilli and coriander to the herby Lincolnshire and the peppery Cumberland ring” it hosts plenty of printable sausage-based recipes including Sausage Cassoulet, Breakfast Burrito, Herby Sausage Jambalaya and Sausage Chilli Cha Cha Cha.

You can also download a Sausage Fact Sheet that includes information on What’s in the name?, History of the Sausage, Sausage Psychology and Top Ten Sausages Facts.  Did you know that during the year to July 2014, the nation consumed 181,853 tonnes of sausages in the home, worth £780 million of retail sales?  Or that the word sausage derives from the Latin salsisium, meaning something that has been salted?

And there’s a printable list of those retailers and brands who were in the running for a Golden Banger award this year too.

SausageFansWant more recipes?  Then head to Sausage Fans, a website dedicated to “sharing your recommendations for sausage shops, recipes, news and links”, where The Sausage King shares 50 recipes that he has recently tried out for both dishes using sausages and for making sausages themselves.

TenFatSausagesIf your children are fans of the counting song Ten Fat Sausages then you can print the lyrics from the BBC’s School Radio website pages.

IMG_2124.JPGOr, for an alternate version of the rhyme if your kids are happier counting down in ones rather than twos, download the words to 5 Little Hot Dogs from Measured Mom.  Her post Fun Rhyme for Kids also includes downloadable finger puppets so your toddler audience can visually see the bangers’ numbers decreasing as one by one they go “BAM!”

Do you love finding printables on the internet?  Do you have particular favourites?  Or have you featured some on your own blog?  Email with your links and we may be able to feature them in a future post.


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