Is your Christmas treat stash a long distant memory?  Don’t worry, with Easter already just around the corner the hopefully there’ll be a very generous bunny headed your way distributing choclaty goodness for everyone.  If you’re looking for a few less calorific touches to add to your Easter parties then take a look at these links…


A Thrifty Mrs has put together a list of The best free Easter printables on her blog that includes a link to Minieco’s Miffy-inspired rabbit Easter garland.  (Miffy is 60 this year so save this link to throw her a party too!)  Religious subway art, gingham bunny food decorations, cards and tags are also highlighted in the post.

eggs 1.jpgThe Free craft templates from Papercraft Inspirations Magazine include these decorative eggs by Zoe Patching which could also be used for a hunt if you prefer to only give out one actual chocolate one at the end to your little searchers.

PinTailNeed a game for your guests to play?  What about Pin the tail on the Easter Bunny?  It’s available to download from Party Delights’ blog post on Easter Games for Kids which also includes three other suggestions.

HotCrossBunsNo party is complete without music and your guests provide a natural chorus themselves.  Why not print out the music to Hot Cross Buns from Let’s Play Music and accompany them?  “Good Friday is the day to bake and share Hot Cross Buns with family and friends” they write.  “Eaten warm from the oven dripping with butter, they are one of the highlights of Easter. But they were made in England long before Christianity adopted them.  The bun was a symbol of the Moon and the cross divided it into the four quarters of the Moon’s cycle.  As with so many folk customs, the advent of Christianity brought a new significance to old symbols and people were happy to embrace these familiar customs within their new faith.”

CarrotsPrintableBack at Party Delights, this Easter carrot printable “can be used as either a costume accessory, table decoration or for props at a party” and we’d add as part of your egg hunt or even as party bags to send your guests home with.

PeepsIf it is time to usher everyone out and you need a favour container that closes so their contents don’t end up all over your hallway then your guests are sure to line up for one of these bunny Printable Peeps.  “Download a papercraft Peep and use it as decoration or fill it with candy for the kiddies.  All 3 colors available.”

FoamEasterWhen it’s just you and your little ones at the end of the day you can continue the theme with Easter Foam Bath Shapes from Emma at My Little 3 and Me.  “These Easter Foam Bath Shapes are simply cut out of foam craft sheets and when they’re damp they stick to the side of the bath and tiles,” she writes.  “Children can enjoy mixing and matching the coloured tops, bottoms and decorations to make their own designs.  It’s a great activity for talking about and exploring shapes, colours and matching.  We’ve provided a free printable PDF for the Easter Foam Bath Shapes to make it really easy for you to have a go.”

Do you love finding printables on the internet?  Do you have particular favourites?  Or have you featured some on your own blog?  Email with your links and we may be able to feature them in a future post.

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