Way back in 1999 I purchased the HP Deskjet 710C for about £60. At the time I had 2 Windows PC’s at home; one was a large tower with Windows 98SE installed and the other was a solid grey box running Windows NT 4.0

With drivers freely available from Hewlett Packard (on a CD back then) I had the 710C installed and working on both PC’s.

Compared to today’s ink jet printers it would be considered quite slow and not particularly good for printing colour photos. It had no USB connection, no PostScript support and only 512KB of memory; BUT it was a great “work horse” of a printer….. it gave me many years of faithful service and never suffered from paper jams or streaky printing issues etc.

hp deskjet 710c printer

The HP 710C Deskjet Colour Printer

If I still had it today I would be using recycled ink cartridges in it instead of original HP ink cartridges. You can still get the original ink cartridges, if required and we sell them, its just that there is a cheaper alternative. You would still be getting the same great quality – but at a lower cost per page!

If you still have one of these HP Deskjet Colour printers at home, or in the corner of the office, have you considered using a cheaper ink cartridge?

The HP 710C Deskjet takes 2 ink cartridges, one for the black (H45) and one for the colour (H23). I would highly recommend using a quality alternative like the ones produced by the British firm Jet Tec.

All Jet Tec H45 and H23 ink cartridges are recycled (also known as remanufactured) in the UK and filled using a high quality ink, so generating a low carbon footprint when compared against creating a new cartridge.

You can order these recycled ink cartridges here:

Jet Tec HP45 Black Ink Cartridge and Jet Tec HP23 Colour Ink Cartridge

Jet Tec H45 Recycled Ink Cartridge

Jet Tec H45 Black Ink Cartridge

Compatible HP Deskjet Printers for the Jet Tec H45 Recycled Cartridge AND Jet Tec HP23 Colour Ink Cartridge

In addition to the HP 710C Deskjet printer, you can use the Jet Tec H23 and Jet Tec H45 in the following HP printers:

HP Deskjet 710c
HP Deskjet 712c
HP Deskjet 720c
HP Deskjet 722c

HP Deskjet 815c
HP Deskjet 830c
HP Deskjet 832c
HP Deskjet 850c (H45 only)
HP Deskjet 855c/cse (H45 only)
HP Deskjet 870cse/cxi (H45 only)
HP Deskjet 880c
HP Deskjet 882c
HP Deskjet 890cse/cxi
HP Deskjet 895cse

HP Deskjet 9300
HP Deskjet 930c
HP Deskjet 932c
HP Deskjet 935c
HP Deskjet 950c
HP Deskjet 952c
HP Deskjet 959c
HP Deskjet 960c
HP Deskjet 970cse
HP Deskjet 980cxi
HP Deskjet 990c
HP Deskjet 990cxi
HP Deskjet 995c


…you can see our extensive range of original and compatible HP ink cartridges here.

Who are Jet Tec?

Jet Tec is a British manufacturer who employ over 300 people at their factory in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK. Jet Tec is both ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified which means their branded ink cartridges for EPSON printers provide the same quality of prints as EPSON’s own branded ink cartridges – but at a fraction of the cost…

Jet Tec is also a Winner of both the Queen’s Award for Export, and the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation.


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