Introducing Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is a service that allows you to print to a compatible printer using your smartphone, tablet or any other web-connected devices. By registering your Google account with the printer, you are ready to use the Google Cloud Print service!

Once you have connected your printer to Google Cloud Print; you can allow anyone you choose to print documents on your printer. You will also be able to manage all the printing that is sent to your printer as well as all the printers that you connect to Google Cloud Print.

…in short:

Google Cloud Print can print to Cloud Ready printers, which connect directly to the web and don’t require a PC to setup. Google Cloud Print can also connect to existing (classic) printers that are plugged into a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer with Internet access, using the Google Cloud Print connector in Google Chrome (see end of article for more information on how to do this.)

You can read the following for a full Google Cloud Print FAQ

Google Cloud Print Overview – Video

Mobile and Tablet Apps That Work With Google Cloud Print:

The following applications allow you to print to Google Cloud Print…

On All Devices:

  • Chrome Browser – You can print any of the open tabs on Chrome to Google Cloud Print by hitting Ctrl + P or “Print” from the wrench menu and selecting “Print with Google Cloud Print” from the destination dropdown. (On the Chromebook, Cloud Print is the default print option.)

On your Mac or Windows PC:

  • Cloud Printer – Cloud Printer allows you to print from any application on your Mac (Leopard and up), through the regular Mac print menu. (Visit Site)
  • The Web – On any web page, if you see a “Print” button with the Google Cloud Print logo, you can print without leaving your browser.
  • Paperless Printer – Windows virtual printer that allows you to print from a desktop application and have the print job sent to a remote Google cloud printer. (Visit Site)
  • Cloud Print for Windows – Cloud Print for Windows registers your Windows printers as cloud printers in Google Cloud Print. (Visit Site)
  • Wappwolf – Drag & drop files into a predefined folder on Google Drive and then allows printing to Google Cloud Print. (Visit Site)

On your Android Device:

  • Cloud Print Beta – Android application that allows you to print files off of your Android device.
  • PrinterShare Mobile Print – Android application that allows you to print files off of your Android device.
  • Cloud Printer – An add-on to the Mozilla Firefox mobile browser.
  • Easy Print – Android application that allows you to print files off of your Android device.
  • Fiabee – A cloud sync application that allows you to print documents to Google Cloud Print from the Android app or Chrome app.
  • Printjinni – Print from Google Cloud Print to a range of Wi-Fi enabled laser printers/MFPs.

On Your iOS Device:

  • PrintCentral Pro – An iOS App that allows you to print emails and attachments, contacts, web pages, text messages, and more.

Google Cloud Ready Printers:

There are many Cloud-ready printers available from brands like Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Kodak, and Samsung. Other printers can also be setup with Google Cloud Print with a special connector feature available on Google Chrome. Simply go to Google Cloud Print and follow the easy steps.

Cloudprint Ready Logo

Google Cloud Print is compatible with the following Dell Printers:

  • Dell B1260dn Mono Laser Printer
  • Dell B1265dnf Mono Laser Multifunction Printer
  • Dell C3760n Color Laser Printer
  • Dell C3760dn Color Laser Printer
  • Dell C3765dnf Color Laser Multifunction Printer

Google Cloud Print is compatible with the following HP Printers:

All HP ePrint-enabled printers support Google Cloud Print out of the box, with no need for print drivers or additional software.

Google Cloud Print is compatible with the following Canon Printers:

Select Canon printers are Google Cloud Print Ready for easy and convenient printing from anywhere.

  • Office All-In-One Printers: PIXMA MX922 / PIXMA MX892 / PIXMA MX722 / PIXMA MX522
  • Photo All-In-One Printers: PIXMA MG8220 / PIXMA MG6320 / PIXMA MG6220 / PIXMA MG5420 / PIXMA MG4220

Google Cloud Print is compatible with the following EPSON Printers:

Epson’s Google Cloud Print Ready printers connect directly to the Google Cloud Print service for a seamless printing experience.

  • Stylus Series: SX440W / SX445W / SX535WD
  • Stylus Office Series: BX535WD / BX630FW / BX635FWD / BX935FWD
  • Stylus Photo Series: PX730WD / PX830FWD
  • WorkForce Series: 7515 / 7525
  • WorkForce Pro: 4015DN / 4025DW / 4515DN / 4525DNF / 4535DWF / 4545DTWF / 4095 / 4595

Non Cloud Ready Printers

If you have a non Google Cloud ready printer, you will need to associate it with your Google Account and enable the Google Cloud Print connector for any printer connected to your PC/laptop. You’ll need Google Chrome to be installed on the computer. To do this read the following Google Support article:

Connect your classic printers with Google Cloud Print

Once done, you will be connected to Google Cloud Print. You can then print using Google Cloud Print whenever you’re signed in with the same Google Account… You can also review your print jobs and printer status from the same account control panel.

NOTE: The printers listed were correct when writing this article. If you spot an error and/or an omission please leave a comment below.

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