Many printer inks suppliers will supply inkjet and laser toner products. These are often segmented or categorised separately because whilst they are both printing technologies they are quite different in size and (although decreasingly) different in target market.

Often laser toner or laser printing is used in businesses for higher volumes of prints whereas inkjets are more commonly found in the home.

If you want to print photos or lots of colour then you will probably find that inkjet is still the best printing technology for you and you should look for an inkjet printer.

If you mostly intend to print in monochrome (black and white) then you might consider a laser printer.

There are some new so-called “small footprint” laser printers that as the name suggests don’t take up much space on your desk, but are reasonably economical to run, quick to print and quite pleasant to use.

One benefit of laser toner versus inkjet printer ink is that the laser prints are dry to the touch when they come out of the printer whereas often printer inks can still be wet and prone to smudging.

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