Here at we just saw the launch of our new range of quality Photo Gifts, many of which you can customise by printing your own photo inserts.

We knew that having great product images would be essential for the website product pages so we contacted Chris Marsh, a local photographer, to come in for a morning and get snapping…

So, on a cold October morning, Chris arrived with his portable studio and set about photographing the new product range.

chris marsh

When asked about his expensive looking camera and lighting he replied:

The camera I used was a Canon EOS 5D mark II with a Canon 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens. This lens is well suited for product photography as it has a macro feature that allows me to work close-up, filling the frame with a subject about 20cm high. I can go even closer with a specialist macro lens if required.

The lighting used was portable studio flash from Swiss company Elinchrom. Although this is expensive it is the best available and gives the reliable light output with a stable colour temperature that is needed to record a series of products in a consistent way.

chris marsh

It was a highly productive morning and has given us a range of product images we can use for both website and print media…

Here are a few of the images taken.

fridge  magnet stack6 x 4 – Fridge Magnet Photo Frames

photo blocks6 x 4 – Premium Hand Polished Photo Blocks

Christmas photo frame6 x 4 – Fun Snow Photo Block

…you can see the entire product range here: Print Your Own


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