Epson has a range of what it calls “Epson Connect” solutions available across its range of printers, although not all models support all the options available. There are four Epson Connect solutions: Epson Email Print, Epson Remote Print, Epson Scan To Cloud and Epson iPrint.

In this article we shall look at Epson Scan to Cloud.

So What Is Epson Scan to Cloud?

With a direct Internet connection, you can scan documents or photos with a few taps on the printer’s control panel. Then share your scanned file to preset email addresses or online cloud storage accounts without the need for an attached printer.

epson scan to cloud

You can scan old family photos and household documents to Cloud services for safe-keeping, or send directly to friends and family.

Epson Scan to Cloud – How To Use

Step One

Setting up your printer for Epson scan to cloud is easy…(If you’ve already assigned an Epson Connect email address to your printer, skip this section and go to Step Two.)

First you will need to assign an Epson Connect email address to your compatible printer. (You can see a list of compatible printers at the end of this article.) To do this you will need to download and install the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility onto your PC/Laptop. Macs with OS X (v10.5.8 – v10.8.x) AND Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7SP1 and Windows 8 are supported.

Making sure your printer is set up with an active wireless or Ethernet connection, download and install the Epson Connect Printer setup utility – download here.

(You do not need to install the Epson Remote printer driver listed on this page to use the Epson email print service.)

Select the printer want to register with the Epson Connect service, a test page will be printed at the end of the registration process.

Step Two

Now you will need to head on over to the EPSON Connect Sign In page and enter your Username and Password, then click Sign in.

Select your product in the My Printer/Email List.

Select Destination List from the Scan To Cloud menu.

Select Add, fill out the Destination List form, then click OK.

Note: The Destination List should contain the email address of the location where you will send or store your scan. You can send the scan to an email address, an EPSON Connect printer’s email address, or an Online storage service such as Evernote, Google Docs, Dropbox, or

You can create up to 60 of these destinations in your Epson Connect account.

You are now setup!

Step Three

From the display panel on your compatible Epson printer you can now:

  • Scan, attach and send a file to an email Address
  • Scan and upload a file to a cloud storage service (Box, Dropbox, EverNote and Google Drive)
  • Specify the destination folder of cloud storage account

Note: Access to Box, Dropbox, EverNote or Google Drive destination requires an active account.

Common Epson Scan to Cloud Questions

How many destinations can I create in Scan to Cloud?

– You can setup a maximum of 60 in the Destination List.

Is Epson Connect free?

– Yes, Epson Connect is a free service.

Epson Scan to Cloud Printers

Below is a list of Epson Scan to Cloud enabled printers…

WorkForce Printers

EPSON Workforce WF-2540
EPSON Workforce WF-3520
EPSON Workforce WF-3540 Series

Expression Home Printers


Expression Premium Printers


Expression Photo Printers


This list was last updated 29th April 2013

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