Epson ink comes in three types:

  • DuraBrite for day to day printing
  • Claria for the serious photographer seeking great prints
  • UltraChrome designed for graphics professionals and commercial proofs.

Your Epson printer model dictates which of these inks you can use.

Prior to 2003 Epson ink formulation had no specific branding like we know today. However Epson continue to produce their original ink in a range of cartridges for use in the now obsolete Epson Stylus and Epson Stylus Photo printers.

Pre-2003 cartridges (without a specific ink formulation)

Epson picture reference Epson cartridge codes
Beach HutT036, T037
ButterflyT015, T016
ChessT0511, T0511 (Twinpack)
CyclistT003, T003 (Twinpack), T005
DuckT0551, T0552, T0553, T0554
FishT026, T2027, T027403 (T027 Twinpack)
GrasshopperT0331, T0332, T0333, T0334, T0335, T0336
Hot Air BalloonT019, T020
PandaT0501, T0501 (Twinpack)
PaperclipT066, T067
PaintsT040, T041
PenguinT5591, T5592, T5593, T5594, T5595, T5596, T5597
Pink FlowerT013, T014
PlaneT038, T039
SeahorseT0481, T0482, T0483, T0484, T0485, T0486, T0487, T048B, T048C
SweetsT028, T029