cybermen day 2013

An as yet unexplained marketing mix up by our marketing team sees Cyber Monday renamed Cybermen Day!

Cyber Monday / Cybermen Day – it’s an easy mistake right?

…well that’s what our marketing manager is telling us here at In all the excitement surrounding one of the busiest online shopping days in the UK, he somehow got his wires a little crossed after planning our 2013 Cyber Monday marketing campaign; whilst watching the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary TV special last Saturday!

Once word spread to the rest of the staff about his hilarious marketing mix up, they decided to join in the fun whilst getting ready to ship all our special Cyber Monday Deals….

attack of the cybermen

 Attack of the Cybermen @


If you would like to join in the Cybermen Day fun then why not download the Cybermen mask and post us a picture of you wearing it on Twitter @inkfactory or our Facebook page and help spread the Cybermen Day word…

cybermen  mask

If, however, you’re a serious Cyber Monday bargain hunter then head over to our deals page where the marketing department has put lots of lovely offers online for you, to prove they were paying attention really…

MEDIA: High-resolution images available here.

Happy Cybermen Day to everyone! See more on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest:-

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