Compatible Ink Cartridges Not Recognised

Troubleshooting Compatible Ink Jet Cartridges

From time to time we get contacted by customers who are having problems with their new compatible ink jet cartridges, sometimes there is a fault with the cartridge but often the issue can be easily resolved. Below are some of the common issues that we come across and how to resolve them.

If you are having problems and the solutions listed don’t work please contact us

Cartridge Not Being Read by Printer

This is usually to do with the chip not being read correctly by the printer and although sometimes there is a fault with the chip there are often other causes.

– Has the tape been removed from the chip and or print head? You would be surprised at just how folk can forget to do this.

– Is the chip clean? Sometimes even as much as a finger print can cause issues, so wipe the chip head gently with a lint free cloth.

– Has it been inserted fully into the carriage? Sometimes it will go in further than you might expect. Sometimes the printer for no reason will not read the chip on the first installation but by removing and reinstalling it will then be read.

Broken or Poor Quality Printing

If the quality of the print is poor or broken it is normally a problem with the print head and is usually easy to resolve.

By running a head clean the ink will be able to flow through the head better but shouldn’t take more than about two cycles, if you do more cycles than this you will waste ink from the other cartridges.

You might find our article Printer Maintenance Tips worth reading…

Does Not Fit in Printer

There are a few reasons that a cartridge might not fit in the printer.

– Is it the correct cartridge for the printer? The most common reason is the incorrect cartridge has been ordered. A lot of printers have very similar names but take different cartridges eg the Kodak ESP 3 takes the number 10 cartridge and the ESP3.2 takes the Kodak number 30 so you have to be very careful when ordering, if in doubt contact our excellent customer service team who will be happy to help.

– Are there any clips that need to be removed? Some Jettec cartridges have red clips that need to be removed before use and wont fit in the printer properly with them on.
Some cartridges might not look like they will fit in. For copyright reasons compatible cartridges will look a little different than the genuine but they will fit in. Some XL cartridges are a lot bigger than the standard size such as the HP363 and look like they wont fit but if you try them they will go in.

# The Cartridge Says It Is Empty But Still Has Ink In It.

Extra Life Jettec cartridges contain more ink than the manufacturers genuine/original cartridge, and so some printers may only recognise the amount of ink that would normally be present in a genuine cartridge. To get around this when the printer monitor reports the cartridge is empty, switch the printer off at the machine and at the wall socket. Wait for 3-4 minutes and switch the printer back up.

This will usually allow the printer to access the extra ink, however some printers are set by the manufacturer to still not recognise the extra ink and there no way of knowing which printers this affects.

Hopefully you will have found a solution on this page to your compatible ink cartridges not recognised problem. If you require further assistance, and you purchased the ink cartridge from us. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us about the problem and we will be happy to help.

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    Nice and informative article. I liked it.

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  2. David Roger-Jones

    Thanks for the tips. I cleaned the contacts on the cartridge with my old handkerchief, wiggled it as I reinstalled, and it works!

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