A new Apple training program has just been recently launched. The company offers one on one, thirty minute sessions with a certified editing specialist via the internet. The sessions are held over the phone and aims to encourage photo editing to those who would normally not use such features due to lack of know-how. Many phones are already equipped with photo editing software and the sessions can be for both iOs or MacOs. Auto- enhancement, color balance, and exposure are covered in the session.

Key Takeaways:

  • Apple’s new photo-editing training program offers users a 30 minute one-on-one class with a photo pro, over the phone.
  • Beginners can learn important, but simple adjustments, like how to use Auto Enhance.
  • More advanced users can get tips on deeper forms of editing, like creating color balance and getting the right exposure.

“This is more about encouraging you to make edits in the first place, and that could make the difference between having to live with a so-so shot and refining it into a picture you’d be comfortable sharing with friends.”

Read more: https://www.engadget.com/2018/08/29/apple-photo-editing-classes/

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