Printable post office play inspired by 500 years of Royal Mail

The Royal Mail is celebrating a milestone anniversary in 2016, clocking up 500 years since its creation in 1516 when Henry VIII knighted the first Master of the Posts, Sir Brian Tuke.

Digital communications may have caused the postal service to be coined snail mail in more recent years but there are many functions that purely virtual contact can’t replicate.

It’s always nice to pick up a special hand written missive from your door mat and, when you’re young and have still received more birthday cards than bills through your letter box, then it’s even more exciting so it’s no wonder many little Postman Pat fans love playing post offices themselves.

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Click print to help celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday

Whilst still a decade away from having to decide whether to send herself a birthday card or not, Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday celebrations are sure to be a highlight of 2016.

The day itself is April 21st but it will be celebrated officially in May with events to mark the occasion continuing into June too, further continuing the celebrations marking the Queen becoming our longest-reigning monarch after more than 63 years in 2015.

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Have some scary fun with your printer this Halloween!

We got just a little excited about Halloween at InkFactory HQ last year with Printables blog posts on decorating food, ideas on transforming your home into a haunted house, pumpkin carving templates, spooky activities, ghostly goings-on, costume ideas and scary stationery for party throwers.

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