Getting Ready for Christmas

When not on maternity leave, mum-of-two Ruth Johnson is the Buyer for so she knows I thing or two about purchasing the right product.  As she’s getting ready for Christmas 2013 she told Supportive Business Mums how becoming a mum changed her present-buying habits and why a Christmas box is an essential all-year-round feature in their house.  

But we wanted to know more!  Just what kind of items, other than Ink Factory’s Print Your Own Photo Gifts of course, does Ruth have squirreled away in her boxes?  Friends and relatives of the Johnson family look away now…

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10 Uses For A Fridge Magnet


Fridge Magnets are extremely versatile at displaying your favourite photos and images etc…. in this blog post we take a brief look at 10 Uses for a Fridge Magnet! 

All that was needed to create the fridge magnets below was some time and the following:

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