HP 10 Compatible Ink

The HP 10 ink cartridge has been with us since 2006 and was designed especially for the HP Professional Series Color Printers. It has a similar design to the HP 11 and HP 82 for which it is sometimes mistaken…

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Canon PG-510 Compatible Ink Cartridges

Jet Tec, is the leading UK manufacturer of compatible ink cartridges and they recently released a quality Canon ink cartridge: Compatible Canon PG-510Click link for more details

Canon PIXMA MP and Canon PIXMA MX printer owners can now enjoy cheaper ink, but still produce quality printouts! …see the compatible printer list below.

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Do You Know Your Colour Rules For Fonts?


The next time you are writing an important report or assignment consider the mood you are trying to establish, or the tone you are trying to convey to the reader.

When graphic designers create websites and images they first think about the message their work will need to communicate to the viewer… This can be achieved, in part, by choosing the correct font and colours.

The same can apply to documents and reports too!

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