Giving away Bitcoin

We’re running a Bitcoin giveaway as our small contribution to increase awareness and see what our customers would do if we gave them some free Bitcoin.

We’re only a small company, so our budget is limited to 1 Bitcoin, split into ten lots of 0.1 BTC – enough to buy a full set of cartridges for an average inkjet printer (you can spend Bitcoin with us if you want to). Winners will be picked at random.

Enter the Ink Factory UK Bitcoin Giveaway here

Awareness of Bitcoin

“Most people have never heard of Bitcoin”

In June 2014, it’s still true to say “most people have never heard of Bitcoin”

Outside of tech circles, awareness of Bitcoin is low, and understanding of it is lower still.

Although Bitcoin has been around since 2009, it has only been since 2013 that the media have started to talk about it regularly and extensively.

At Ink Factory we’re actively following the growth of Bitcoin and the Blockchain (the underlying technology that records transactions and makes Bitcoin work) to see what (if anything) it could mean for retailers and consumers in the future.

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