Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency or digital currency that has no central controller or single administrator. It’s an interesting proposition for retailers because the associated transaction fees are lower than the 2 or 3% typically imposed by credit card processors and there is no risk of fraud for the retailer.

Does Anyone Pay with Bitcoin?

Six months on, we summarise our experiences with Bitcoin. The benefits to Ink Factory (a printer cartridge retailer) for accepting Bitcoin are clear: near-zero transactional costs and no risk of chargebacks (payment reversal due to fraud). Benefits for customers to pay with Bitcoin are less clear….

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Is Bitcoin Right for Retail?

We don’t know if Bitcoin is the payment method of the future, but before Bitcoin might ever be widely adopted by retailers and consumers, it (or rather the Bitcoin community) has several challenges to overcome…

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Buy Ink Cartridges with Bitcoin

November 12, 2013 – Ink Factory, the online print retailer, is proud to announce that it is the first UK ink cartridge shop to start accepting Bitcoin in payment for printer cartridges…

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10 Great Bitcoin Quotes

Listed below are 10 great Bitcoin quotes that will give you a flavour of just how much of an impact this form of cryptocurrency (digital currency) is having amongst business, finance and thought leaders across the world…

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